Posted by: tasteindulgence | August 14, 2009

Do You Drink Black Tea?

Chances are, if you live in the western part of the world you’ve enjoyed a cup of black tea at some point in your life.  While green tea reigns supreme in most Asian countries, it is black tea that accounts for over 90% of tea sales in the west.

I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads in confusion right now, so let me explain.  Black tea, or what is technically known as black tea, is actually sold under names like Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Orange Pekoe in our supermarkets and grocery stores.

But it isn’t black, is it?  No, it usually has a reddish or amber color. Actually, the term black tea probably refers to the color of the leaves after the processing it goes through to make it black tea.  This is a variety of tea that is more oxidized and fermented than green, white and oolong teas.  The result is more caffeine and a stronger flavor than the other teas.

So, if you are ever asked the question, “Do you drink black tea?” now you’ll have a better understanding of what it really means.  While green tea has certainly made its presence felt over here, it is black tea that we have come to know and love.  How many of us have started our days, enjoyed our afternoons, and relaxed in the evenings with a cup of black tea?  The very mention of the word “tea” seems to conjure up images of rest and comfort.  We’ve all had a ‘soothing cup of tea’ at one time or another.

But don’t think that black tea is only about comfort and indulgence.  There are many health benefits to black tea that often get overlooked.  Many sources indicate black tea can help with scores of ailments including diabetes, stroke, stress, weight problems, and even cancer.

Just keep in mind that it’s the leaves of the plant that offer you the health benefits.  Dumping gobs of high fat milk and mounds of sugar into it aren’t going to help you at all.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy yourself.  Just be cautious and don’t turn such a wonderful drink into something that is bad for your body.

When it comes to brewing black tea, most of you probably already have a preferred method for making it just how you like it.  Also, most of you probably use tea bags in order to make it.  While tea bags are great, and certainly the standard, I’d suggest trying some loose leaf tea as an alternative.

If you’ve been wondering where to buy black tea, we have some great varieties right here at Taste Indulgence that you’ll be sure to love.  You could try flavors like Cheeky Chai, Daring Darjeeling, Spiced Orange, and Traditional Earl Grey.

A great tip for when you are brewing black tea is to use spring water or purified water.  In most places, tap water contains chlorine which can alter the taste of your tea.  And at the end of the day, when it’s really time to relax and unwind, you want the best tasting tea you can get.

* The above is not meant to be construed as medical advice; consult a professional before using herbs as medication



  1. I like to tell people to skip the milk and sugar myself. Those are really meant to cover up the bad flavor of cheap tea. Go with that loose leaf tea and its quality will stand alone without anything unhealthy added. –Teaternity

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