Posted by: tasteindulgence | September 25, 2009

Should you drink Organic Tea?

By now, everyone has heard of the term “organic.”  It seems to have become somewhat of a buzz word for the health movement.  And as with most things that become popular in society, mainstream businesses have jumped onboard as well.  We can now easily find products such as potato chips, soda pop and other mainstays of the junk food world labeled as organic.

Of course, a potato chip made with an organic potato is still a potato chip and is still not conducive to good health.  You’ll gain weight and fall out of health just as quickly consuming organic junk food products as you will their non-organic counterparts.

The lesson is, educate yourself and don’t just take some big corporation’s word for it that their product is good for you because they’ve slapped an ‘organic’ label on it.

This brings me to the topic of this post…should you drink organic tea?  Does organic tea make a healthy beverage even healthier?  Or is it more of a marketing ploy designed to get you to shell out your hard earned money?

Unlike a product such as organic soda which will simply use 40 grams of organic cane sugar instead of 40 grams of regular sugar, there are some real benefits to drinking organically grown tea.

When this whole organic movement started, the main benefit to organic food was that it was grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc.  Many products these days certainly blur the line between being beneficial and being a marketing gimmick, but tea is not one of them.

Since tea is a plant grown in the earth, the organic version will be a much healthier choice over a more conventionally grown product.  To meet standards, it has to be grown in soil that is free of chemicals, and no chemicals can be added to the leaves as it is grown and processed.

The result is a pure tea leaf, full of flavor. Another benefit to choosing organic tea is that it is often ‘fair trade.’  This means that the small independent farmers and workers in developing countries who produce the tea are given fair value for their products.  Purchasing organic tea is not only good for your health, but will also help the global community.

So, should you drink organic tea?  The end choice is always yours, but I would have to say yes!  Drink it for health.  Drink it for taste.  Drink it to help the people around the world who grow it for us.

At Taste Indulgence we offer a sample pack of decadent organic teas that are sure to be loved by any true tea connoisseur.

With names like Organic Bai Hao Silver Needle, Organic Nilgiri, and Organic Lemon Ginger Snap, how could you possibly go wrong?



  1. This is all true. However, it needs to be said that many teas from places like China are produced by small artisans. They’re typically organic but can’t get the certification since it costs a lot of money for the tea producer. If you know enough about where your tea is from you’ll be able to see if it’s organic with a fair amount of sureness even if it isn’t labeled as such. –Teaternity

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