Posted by: tasteindulgence | October 9, 2009

How to Choose The Right Teapot

Many people who are new to the world of tea drinking, often overlook the importance of choosing the right teapot.  It’s easy to think that any old pot will do, but if you are a true lover of tea, and I mean a real connoisseur, you know the value of having a really good teapot.  After all, the teapot is the vessel in which your cup of tea will be brewed.  It’s where all the magic happens.

In many cultures and in all different sorts of tea ceremonies, the teapot takes on an importance almost to that of the tea itself.  When choosing a teapot for at home use, there are a few different elements that go into choosing the right one for you.  Since the practice of tea drinking is highly individual, perhaps the first thing you should consider is the overall look and style.

After all, this is one piece of equipment you’ll be spending an awful lot of time with.  Finding a teapot that matches your style and personality can make the entire process that much more enjoyable.

You can find teapots made from a variety of different substances, such as clay, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even cast iron.  They come in a rainbow of colors and many different shapes.  Some people who are really serious about their tea will even own several teapots and use specific pots for specific teas.

One feature that is important to look for in a teapot is a removable infuser basket.  If you are a true tea lover, you’re more likely to enjoy loose leaf tea more often.  And if your teapot comes with a removable basket, it will help prevent your tea from over-steeping.

I guess the bottom line is to find a teapot that is going to make the tea drinking experience more enjoyable for you.  Some may lean toward something practical.  A certain spout, or other specific feature. Some may lean toward creativity and choose a teapot that suits their individuality.  And some will look for that perfect balance between the two.

Just be sure to base your decision on what really makes you happy and you won’t go wrong.  Taste Indulgence has a line of teaware that will appeal to the practical tea drinker, the creative tea drinker, and those of you who are a little bit of both.

If you are serious about drinking tea, our teaware is the perfect addition to your tea drinking accessories.  Go take a look now!



  1. You bring up a few good points, mainly because in this day, most people actually do not want to use a teapot, but rather something like an automatic teamaker or IngenuiTEA… I myself am guilty of this, but I am trying to rectify this 🙂

    • Automatic teamakers are a great way to enjoy good quality tea in a convenient way. I like to use it at my desk so as to not compromise my choice of tea. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I finally settled on a sterling silver teapot when I learned about it online. Many teas taste best in sterling silver, though they’re ruined by silverplate. It works best for my green Puerh I love drinking. So taste is one reason I did it but also because the sterling represents spiritual purity.

  3. Thank you for your comment I would have thought the glass teapot would make the best teas. I have tried the sterling silver teapot and the glass and slightly prefer the glass due to the taste.

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