A small company with a big dream, we at Taste Indulgence strive to help people indulge in delicious pleasures. We started our company when we found that none of the teas available met our standards of quality and indulgence. Yes, we have a standard of indulgence. What does that mean?

For a tea to be considered worthy of the title indulgence, it must embody a special moment or atmosphere, like a white sand beach along calm turquoise waters, like the sun breaking through dark clouds after a day of rain, teas that can move the drinker, emotionally, physically, temporally − magical teas? Perhaps not. But here in beautiful British Columbia, surrounded by snow-capped black mountains, verdant forests, pearl grey waters, we believe in the transformative powers of nature and so we envisioned natural teas that could transform a moment, a mood, an event − a tea that enriched people’s lives, a tea worthy of the title indulgence.

In 2007, we began an unending quest for the best quality gourmet teas the world has to offer. In recent history, tea has become accessible to most everyone, but with varieties, qualities, and blends as diverse as tea’s history, how can one know what they’re buying without becoming tea connoisseurs themselves?

That’s where we come in. We aim to provide a tea for every season, mood, and event − low-caffeine whites, mellow greens, rich blacks, and heady herbal and fruit tisanes. It’s a tall order, but our quest continues, and along the way, we have met and built friendships with tea distributors who share our vision of providing only the finest and most memorable teas to our clientele. With a small collection of diverse blends, we began selling our teas to Japan in 2008 and expanded to provide peaceful, fulfilling moments to customers in North America a year later.

We take our time in building up our collection for the simple reason that we are particular. Not every tea is worthy of the title indulgence; in fact, very few are. But we won’t be satisfied with less than the finest, most alluring, invigorating, and enjoyable teas. We currently have 15 products in stock and more coming.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, will return often for new offerings, and above all else, take time out with our indulgence teas. Go on, spoil yourself!ww


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